The Chinese gave us gunpowder. Einstein gave us the atom. Beware what tomorrow will bring.

In the spirit of the classic EC horror and sci-fi comics of the 40s and 50s, Beware … is a series of “experiments” all set in the same idyllic American community of Haven Hallows. Each related 1-shot offers a glimpse of life in a town founded on science and faltered by fear. But then, what other reaction can there be to invading Frogmen, mutant fungal zombies and quantum abduction through time and space? If science is the source of calamity, Beware … is your survival manual.

Mike writes.
Will draws.

Beware … coming to your comic shop!

Our first trade is coming straight to your comic shop! We’ll be in Diamond’s Previews catalog for October, so make sure to tell your LCS to order Beware …vol.1: Citizen read more…

New York Comic Con!

It’s that magical time of year when the Beware … team heads to NYC for some autumnal joy and comic carousing. Join us in the small press section at the read more…

Research Materials and Equipment

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